The Great Debt Ceiling Debate – The Epic Conclusion

Have you read Part 1 yet?  If not, you can find it here:

The Great Debt Ceiling Debate

On to the epic conclusion……



  1. OMG, I thank my goddess above I put my diaper on for this one


  2. Joe Biden Saved The Day…

    who’da thunk it

    Great message here folks: EVERYONE NEEDS TO CHILL

    Screw ’em all. Let’s grow some — get to work – take it local (within your monkeysphere ) – THE STATUS QUO HAS TO GO

    I’l be back with a tweeter account and try “The Facebook”

  3. RDR’s (Ranklin’ DeMan0 Rusevelt) NO Deal, epitomized!

  4. Betsy Summers says:

    Always nice to see a Greensboro native questioning Boehner 🙂 Nice shout out Lily.


  1. […] you this online comic strip skewering elected officials for their role in the debt limit debacle.Now from Havoc on the Hill, here's the comic conclusion to the great debt debate. View the full series at Havoc on the Hill. […]

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